-Dr. Virginia Rich looked at how the Earth’s biosphere will react to climate change. April 20, 2022 SoundCloud or iTunes

-Dr. Scott Saleska gave an interview about the thawing permafrost at Stordalen on an episode “De-permafrosting” with Big Picture Science produced at the SETI Institute. September 6, 2021 Podcast

-Dr. Moira Hough discussed climate change and soil C storage and how it is relevant to outdoor athletes with Kilian Jornet in a video/podcast episode for Athlete Climate Academy. July 5, 2021 Podcast YouTube

Media Interviews

-Dr. Steve Frolking discussed peatlands with a NYTimes journalist, who is part of a group of reporters focused on peatlands in some of their first reporting of the multi-year project by the NYTimes Headway team (https://www.nytimes.com/section/headway). This led to Dr. Frolking being one of about 10 peatland scientists (so far) who have contributed to the Headway project’s FAQ on peatlands. May 5, 2022 Article

-PhD student, Alex Cory, gave an interview to PLOS Blogs discussing her work that was published in PLOS ONE and the role of peatlands in sequestering CO2. This was part of a series featuring early career researchers. March 18, 2022 Article

-Dr. Sarah Bagby gave a print media interview for the article “Weird ‘Borg’ DNA found in microbes takes in genes from other organisms” with the NewScientist. July 18, 2021 Article

K-12 Education

-Dr. Zhen Li facilitated a 1 hour virtual Scratch coding class for Metas STEM Day at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. November 20, 2021.

-Dr. Michael Palace used Minecraft Education to teach coding using GIS data from UAS drones to develop a virtual landscape of Stordalen Mire at the UNH Tech Camp. July 8, 2021

Ecology Field Days

-Graduate student, Joy O’Brien (in partnership with the UNH GLOBE office) conducted two soil themed outreach events for the Soil Ecology Field Day at Mast Way Elementary School in Lee, NH. The 4th graders learned about soil, using soil cores and a soil tent display.

-Graduate students, Joy O’Brien and Nate Blais, worked with 4th graders at Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury, NH for a Forest Ecology Field Day. October 15, 2021

Skype A Scientist

-Dr. Alex Cory presented her research to two classes of 9th grade Earth Science students at a high school in Columbia, Maryland. February 8, 2022

-Dr. Hannah Holland-Moritz participated with the Skype with a Scientist organization to virtual meet with a 5th grade class and discuss microbes in the tundra, what happens to ecosystems under global climate change, the fun and hard parts of being a scientist, whether viruses are living or dead, and DNA sequencing. November 4, 2021